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Electricity, Electronics, Magnetism and Electrochemistry Theories

See also: Electricity & Electronics Phenomena
InventionInventorYearPatent No.
Alternating Current CalculationsCharles Proteus Steinmetz1897 
Ampère's LawAndré-Marie Ampère1820 
Biot-Savart LawJean Baptiste Biot
Felix Savart
Boolean AlgebraGeorge Boole1854 
Conservation of Electric ChargeJames Clerk Maxwell1865  
Curie's LawPierre Curie1895 
Coulomb's LawCharles-Augustin de Coulomb1787 
Displacement CurrentJames Clerk Maxwell1865 
Electromagnetic Induction (Faraday's Law)Michael Faraday1831 
Electron Charge (Oil-Drop Experiment)Robert Millikan1909 
Gauss's LawJohann Carl Friedrich Gauss1867 
Joule's LawJames Prescott Joule1840 
Kirchhoff's LawsGustav Kirchhoff1845 
Lenz's LawHeinrich Friedrich Emil Lenz1834 
Lorentz Force LawHendrik Antoon Lorentz  
Maximum Power TheoremMoritz von Jacobi1839 
Maxwell's EquationsJames Clerk Maxwell1865 
Millman's TheoremJacob Millman  
Norton's TheoremEdward Lawry Norton1926 
Ohm's LawGeorg Simon Ohm1827 
Peukert's LawPeukert1897 
SI Electricity/Magnetism Units11th General Conference on Weights and Measures1960 
Special Relativity for Beginners
Special Relativity
Albert Einstein1905 
Thevenin's TheoremLéon Charles Thévenin1883 
See also: Electricity & Electronics Phenomena

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